Tolerance fit calculator according to DIN ISO 286, edition 1990

Using this module, the determination of the deviations from different tolerance fits for a given nominal diameter is very easy. All IT classes (qualities) and tolerance fields according to DIN ISO 286 can be selected.

The program calculates the maximal and minimal interference or clearance for the selected fit. The type of fit is also displayed:

  • Clearance fit
  • Transition fit
  • Interference fit

In addition, it is possible to search for fits on the basis of default values. Here the required minimum or maximum interference/clearance can be defined for the fit search. Furthermore, the following options are available:

  • Only preference fits
  • Use the selected tolerance field for the hub
  • Use the selected tolerance field for the shaft

If the search process is finished, all suitable fits can be selected from a list.

A restriction of the range of IT-classes is possible for:

  • Common mechanical engineering
  • Gauge
  • Rolled, pressed, forged products
  • All
  • User-defined

For special fits, the upper and lower deviation can be also defined individually.

Selection of fits according to DIN ISO 286
Calculation of fits